Ongoing study: Management Strategies of Family Firms in Oman

Management Strategies of Family Firms in Oman: The Impact of Organizational Culture and Planning Systems on Innovation and Firm Performance

Inspired by and aligned with Oman's 2040 vision for sustainable development and innovative growth, the purpose of this project is to review the area and discuss the details of family firms, business competitiveness, and prospects for growth as well as the cultural traits which can be useful for business development. The study provides a framework by combining and illustrating the above dynamics within the business context of Oman.

The research team investigates a variety of factors, affecting business innovation and growth. We measure the family influence on decision making, the adaptability of the planning systems, the innovativeness of the family firm, the access to funding, and executives' satisfaction with their firm's progress and growth prospects.

This study provides knowledge and insights that are beneficial for strengthening the competitiveness of the family businesses in Oman. Specifically, the product of the research is to propose ways and means by which these firms can advance their innovativeness by developing new products, services, and technologies, enhance their competitive strengths, and overcome obstacles in their effort to survive from incoming competition, expand their businesses, and reach new markets.

In this phase of the study, we are collecting data from owners, executives and managers of family firms in Oman. If you hold any of those roles and wish to take part in this study, please click on the following website: Management Strategies of Family Firms in Oman.

Your responses remain confidential; the researchers do not collect identifying information such as names, email address or IP address.

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