Sakshi Aggarwal

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Sakshi Aggarwal, Contributor

I am a freelance Teaching and Research Assistant from India at the Institute of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Education for Growth (iSEEG). I received my Master's degree in Business Administration from the Himachal Pradesh University (Shimla, India) in 2016, specialization in Human Resource Management and Marketing.
My interests lie in various areas of management, especially Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing Strategy. I have shown my creative ability and writing skills in various research areas. I have a book chapter “Coopetition and Knowledge Dynamics: Knowledge Creation and Management for Growth” published in "Global Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Growth." Thereupon, I was selected for the SMS India Special Conference and had presented a conference paper "Interorganizational Coopetition and Knowledge Flow Dynamics Among Indian Venture Capital Firms" at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India. Now I am an active researcher and contributor in various research projects which are work-in-progress. Feel free to reach out at and may follow me on LinkedIn.